Frequently asked questions

Q - Can I keep the things I make on the course?

A - Everything you make on the course you can take home with you. The cost of all materials you use is covered by the course fee.


Q - I'd like to bring my daughter with me to do a course. Is there a minimum age requirement?

A - Our students must be at least 16 years old. For health and safety reasons, under-16s would need to be under constant supervision. Unfortunately that would not be possible on these courses.


Q - Will I need to bring anything with me when I come to do the course?

A - All tools, equipment and materials will be provided for you. We do suggest, however, that you bring a long-sleeved shirt. Sometimes when striking hot iron, small particles of hot material can be ejected. These may cause a small burn if they come into contact with your skin. We provide safety goggles and a leather apron to all students. All these details are included in our course pack which we will send you when we receive confirmation of your booking.


Q - My husband is vegetarian and there are some foods I can't eat. Can you accommodate us or should we bring our own lunches?

A - We will endeavour to accommodate any dietry requirements. When you receive your course pack you will be asked to let us know if there is any food you prefer not to eat for whatever reason.



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