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What do our students have to say about our courses? We receive many letters of thanks from our students and many take the opportunity to make comments in our comments book. Here's a small sample of what some have said about the time they've spent with us:

"Thank you for delivering such an interesting course. I must say that I learnt a lot about blacksmithing, but most importantly I enjoyed the three days immensely. I was surprised to be hitting hot metal within 15 minutes of starting, but as you said, it is a very practical activity and there is no substitute for experience. Friends and family cannot believe that I produced all those things in the three days as a beginner, it is a testament to your ability as a teacher. I am looking forward to setting up my own forge in the fullness of time."

Andrew Holman

"I would like to tell you just how much I enjoyed your course. Once again I will tell you what a wonderful teacher you are. The fact that you care for your 'little blacksmiths' really shows and all your effort and preparation goes to bring a truly memorable time. I shall look forward to your next course. I thank you and your wife - the inspiration you have given me shall go forward in my blacksmithing future."

Claire Ashworth

"A short note of thanks for the most enjoyable and creative weekend spent in Stockton. I came away with a real feeling of achievement which is always a sign of a well run and organised course. Your enthusiasm was certainly infectious and your patience in dealing with a bunch of 'greenhorns' was more than appreciated. I will certainly recommend your skills to any other 'wannabe' blacksmiths. I am presently looking around locally for a forge in which to practise. Thank you once again for your hospitality."

David Drew

"This is a rare opportunity to learn and appreciate the intricacies and craft of blacksmithing. The satisfaction of shaping, bending, splitting and drawing hot metal is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences a maker can have, regardless of age or experience."

Lewis Robinson

"I never imagined that I would produce something that looked and felt so good. I've just arrived home after a 170 mile drive - and all the way, my imagination was working overtime, thinking about the things that I might achieve with what I have learnt in the last three days. My friend was the same and the conversation was largely made up of questions about where we might buy equipment locally and suggestions as to what we might make. Once I've convinced my wife that having a forge in the back garden is a good idea, I'll certainly be darkening Peat's doorstep again for further tuition!"

Mark Kite

"Excellent hands-on enjoyment and learning - good atmosphere, fantastic! If you are fed up with talk and want to get down to some honest hard work and bags of enjoyment, this is for you. Nothing is too much for Peat - he never gets tired of the 101 questions!"

D. Siedle

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